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(Updated on 12/02/2013)


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Definitions :

  • Psychomachy: a battle for the soul.
    "The term comes from the Latin poem Psychomachia (c.AD400) by Prudentius, describing a battle between virtues and vices for the soul of Man.
    This depiction of moral conflict had an important influence on medieval allegory, especially in the morality plays.
    from Chris Baldick, The Oxford Concise Dictionary of Literary Terms (1990)"



  • Ill-bred (The Free Dictionary) - UPDATED
  • Rude - synonyms and antonyms (


Facts :




    Poll: Travelers annoyed by beach behavior
    "A Massachusetts-based travel Web site said its survey found 74 percent of respondents believe people "often violate some form of beach or pool etiquette."."

    loud music -  public intoxication -  littering - beach chair hogging - smoking - urinating in the water (added by


    Bad Form at the Beach: TripAdvisor Beach and Pool Etiquette Survey Reveals 82 Percent Claim Waterside Wrongdoings
    Most Common Beach and Pool Etiquette Violations
    Most Annoying Beach or Pool Etiquette Violations
    Skimpy Swimwear
    Piddling at the Pool
    Booze at the Beach
    Zoning Out Kids and Pets
    Water Babies
    Beach and Pool Etiquette: Essential Do's and Don'ts...

  • Should spitting in the street be banned ?
    "For many, seeing someone spit in the street is unpleasant, but one councillor is going as far as demanding it be outlawed. So is spitting ever justified, asks Tom de Castella..
    Today "flobbing" or "gobbing" as it's colloquially known, is considered by many to be ugly, anti-social and potentially disease spreading...
     For some, it's socially acceptable, for others it is a gruesome piece of anti-social behaviour."

    + Spitting customs



  • Canada recalls spitting diplomat from Tanzania
    "A Canadian envoy who caused a diplomatic spat by spitting at a Tanzanian policeman and journalist has been recalled...
    The diplomat was arrested after he reportedly spat at a traffic policeman on duty in the middle of a traffic jam "



  • Beijingers told to mind their manners
    "Beijing citizens have been told not to pick their noses, yawn or scratch their heads when talking to foreigners during the Olympics.
    They have also been given a list of things not to ask overseas visitors...
    (The booklet) warns Beijing people not to yawn, shout, pick their noses, scratch their heads, play with their fingernails or pull at their clothes while talking."
    + Subjects to avoid



  • Mr Rude - Liens commentés (Jean Sabiron - Ac. Poitiers) - ACCES PAR MOT DE PASSE



  • Do you think manners are important? (CBBC Newsround)
    "Are manners important? If you meet someone with bad manners, do you think less of them?
    Do you get fed up with your parents always telling you off about your behaviour?
    Come on, let us know what you think..."



Cliparts :

Health clipart





Spit or swallow ?




Einstein's tongue








Signs :



Please no dog poop!


Listening :

  • Nursery rhymes get naughty - "The new versions are hardly suitable for children."
    ASBO - with audio
    "ASBO, ASBO, little law,
    How we wonder what you're for,
    Chavs and yobs who love to fight
    Terrorise us every night...
    On the streets with hoods and knives,
    How they terrorise our lives..."



  • Manners
    "Did you know that manners are all about a reduction of violence between people?
    If you don't believe it, have a listen to this..."

    + Transcript + Activities
    (British Council)

  • hoops & yoyo talk about manners
    lesson 1: opening a door
    lesson 2: using a napkin
    lesson 3: blowing your nose
    lesson 4: asking to go out and play
    lesson 5: wash your hands!
    lesson 6: hallway "how are ya?"
    lesson 7: how to open a Christmas present
    lesson 8: the big SNEEZE
    lesson 9: talking with your mouth full
    lesson 10: be a good listener!



Conversation questions :


INTERACTIVE activities :



Lesson plans :

  • China Vice Premier asks tourists to behave (May 20, 2013) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "China's Vice-Premier Wang Yang has asked Chinese tourists to behave better when they go overseas.
    Mr Wang wants to make sure that all Chinese people give a good image of China when they visit other countries."

  • Malawi to Punish Breaking Wind in Public (3rd February, 2011) - a lesson plan

    African country set to make breaking wind a crime
    "The crime will be enforceable in a new 'Local Court' system which will also have powers to punish a range of other crimes in the bill set to be debated in the country's parliament.
    These include insulting the modesty of a woman, challenging to fight a duel, and trespassing on a burial place. 
    It also outlaws pretending to be a fortune teller."





Poems :

  • My Noisy Brother - a poem by Bruce Lansky (
    "My brother's such a noisy kid,
    when he eats soup he slurps.
    When he drinks milk he gargles.
    And after meals he burps..."



Songs :

  • Nothing for Christmas
    "Here is a well-known song in America for Xmas.
    It tells the story of a little boy who has been bad and won't have presents.
    Listen to the song and order the ten mistakes he has made. 
    Then you can imagine some more!" 
    Created by Renée Maufroid. (Ac. Lille)


  • Behind blue eyes sung by Limp Bizkit or by The Who
    "No one knows what it's like
    To be the bad man
    To be the sad man
    Behind blue eyes"


    - the VIDEO (YouTube)


Cartoons :



Rat race ...
"mouse hooligans wearing hoodies and carrying knives just love the fact they
have been issued ASBOs
(Anti-Social Behaviour Orders)"



Like a good neighbour...


I can see the bubbles



I'm talking to you

You're polluting the air

Not eating right ?



Videos :

  • Pure Blond Pardon Ad (YouTube)
    -  "with two wide-eyed blokes embarking, map in hand, on an adventure through the picturesque land of Brewtopia, the ultimate destination for beer lovers.
    After a long and treacherous journey the guys arrive at their destination where they enjoy a well deserved cold Pure Blonde and things seem to be going nicely until one small faux pas sets off a rather unexpected chain of events.
    Brewtopia is so much purer than our impure world."


  • Boy Farts On School Bus & Gets Detention! (YouTube)
    "If he is caught passing gas on the bus again, he could get four or five days of detention."
    Read the story. (Neatorama) - UPDATED