Australia (webquest)

Across :
1. The rugby team of New-Zealand. (2 words)
7. They were the first people to live in Australia.
8. The boomerang was used for that.
9. This big house is famous in Sydney.
11. When it is Summer in Australia, it is . in France.
13. The middle part of Australia.
14. Australia is composed of 2 territories and 6 .
17. They provide aeromedical emergency services. (2 words)
19. Australia in slang.
20. Name of the Australian rugby team
Down :
2. You can see these animals in the outback.
3. It can keep a baby in its pocket.
4. Australia is in the . hemisphere.
5. It is a wild dog in Australia.
6. A large Australian bird that cannot fly.
10. This sport is practised in Australia.
12. The "Head of State" of Australia. (2 words)
15. The didgeridoo is a long . flute.
16. The Aboriginal name of Ayers Rock.
18. It is the capital city of Australia.