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(Updated on 16/03/2013)

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Adjectifs (ordre des adjectifs) - Adjectifs (préfixes et suffixes) - Préfixes - Suffixes
Adjectifs composés - Adjectifs en -ed ou -ing - Comparatifs d'égalité dans les chansons -
Comparatifs et superlatifs -
Contraires - Homonymes - Homophones - Synonymes -
Emotions / Sentiments


Cliparts, Flashcards and Smileys :

  • Adjectives (opposites) - Describing People and Things (aussi en ESPAGNOL) flashcards
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  • Describing Clothes (aussi en ESPAGNOL) flashcards
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  • Feelings and Conditions (aussi en ESPAGNOL) flashcards
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  • Recommended Emoticons and Smileys for Email Communication (windweaver)
    happy, smiling, laughing - feeling stupid, tired - affirming, supporting - teasing, mischievous - unhappy, sad - hugs and kisses - angry, sarcastic - trying to communicate - surprised, incredulous, skeptical - miscellaneous
    ex :
    :-< really sad


Vocabulary :

  • The 60 Weirdest Royal Epithets from History
    "It's an established tradition that noblemen often get epithets--an adjective that describes that person's defining characteristic.
    But not every nobleman can be Charles the Great, Philip the Bold, or Suleiman the Magnificent.
    Some aristocrats through history have received less flattering nicknames.
    Paul Anthony Jones of Mental Floss has rounded up 60 odd or insulting epithets."

  • 45 Synonyms for “Old” and “Old-Fashioned”
    "Our culture’s attitude toward age is reflected in the often-pejorative meanings of words synonymous with old and old-fashioned, though some are neutral or even reverent. Here are forty-five words that refer to people, places, and things that are, or are considered, old or old-fashioned. (Unrelated senses are also listed.)"


  • 25 Synonyms for “Deceptive” and “Fake
    "Many words related to deceptive and fake exist, but some have specific senses for distinctive usage.
    Here are some alternatives to these terms and the related words deceitful and false and their connotations..."

  • Adjectives - Learn vocabulary and Listen to … (

  • The Musical Adjectives Project - list of adjectives for FEAR / ANGER / TRIUMPH / HUMOUR / etc...

  • What is bohemian ?
    "Eccentric. Rebellious. Amoral, quite often. But bohemianism was, maybe still is, about much more than just frightening the horses..."




  • Adjectives of relation
    ex : aestival = of, like or pertaining to summer
    avian = of, like or pertaining to birds...







Listening :



  • Oral Comprehension : First Impressions - Plusieurs pages
    Matching exercise
    "Ecoute chaque conversation, puis replace correctement les illustrations correspondantes."

    (Collège des Bauges - Ac. Grenoble)


  • Adjectifs - page 20 (
    "Il faut retrouver la traduction de 10 adjectifs, ensuite remettre les phrases dans l'ordre en écoutant la phrase et finalement écrire toute la phrase lors d'une nouvelle écoute."
  • Dictation Tests (Elementary or Intermediate)
    - "Improve your listening skills and your spelling." : Adjectives / Buildings / Food / Irregular verbs / Education


Videos :