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(Updated on 23/11/2014)


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Vocabulary :

  • WORKAHOLIC = Work + Addicted + Alcoholic


  • Hooked (
    Definition: addicted to
    Antonyms: clean



Facts :

  • World of Warcraft (commonly acronymed as WoW)
    "is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)."
    It "holds the Guinness World Record for the most popular MMORPG."


  • Spain treats child phone addicts
    "Two children in Spain have been admitted to a mental health institution to be treated for addiction to their mobile phones, Spanish media report...
    They were doing badly at school and lying to relatives in order to get money to spend on their phones...
    Mobile phone addiction "could definitely be a danger in the future". "


    Mobile phone addiction: Clinic treats children
    "They were brought in after spending an average of six hours a day on their phones, talking, texting or playing games."

  • Addiction (Wikipedia)
    1 Terminology and usage
    2 Varied forms of addiction
    2.1 Physical dependency 2.2 Psychological dependency
    3 Addiction and drug control legislation
    4 Methods of care
    5 Diverse explanations
    6 Neurobiological basis
    7 Criticism
    8 Casual addiction...
  • Addiction (
    What is addiction?
    What are the types of addiction?
    Alcohol addiction
    Cigarette/smoking/nicotine/tobacco addiction
    Treating addictions
  • The Addiction Cycle (
    1. Short-term gratification
    2. Long-term pain
    3. Addictive thinking
    4. Increased tolerance
    5. Loss of control
    6. Bio-psycho-social damage



Examples :









Cliparts / Pictures :



by Philippe Hattais - Ac. Créteil



Online poker


The addiction tree





Posters :


Listening :



Conversation Questions :


  • Are we addicted? - We like doing them...but do we like them too much? (
    "When we think of addictions, we think of substances such as alcohol and drugs.
    Nowadays, however, people are becoming addicted to habits such as shopping and using computers.
    These writers reflect on their habits and wonder if these habits might be addictions..."


  • Addictions ( :
    "Have you ever known someone with an addiction?"


INTERACTIVE activities :




Lesson plans :

  • Séquence : Addicted to what?!
    Séance 1 - Look at me!
    Séances 2 et 3 : 10 signs of cell phone addiction

    Séances 4 et 5 : BBC Video
    4 signs of video games addiction
  • Internet addiction – A growing problem - a lesson plan


  • The Cycle of Addiction (
    Students will do the following:
    1. Understand how families and peers influence their decision making
    2. Examine the cycle of addiction to drugs and what can be done to prevent it



Webquests :


    A webquest for middle school students using the C.S. Lewis books as a starting point for researching the reasons why students should not use drugs, tobacco or alcohol.
  • Addiction - A Webquest (
    "You will use the Internet and other sources to research information about addiction.
    You will use a software program to simulate substance abuse situations and then script and perform a situation you design.
    Your final project will be a multimedia presentation addressing theories and facts about drugs and addiction.
    You will use PowerPoint, HyperStudio or TimeLiner or create a web page using Front Page.


Stories :

  • He Belonged to the Net (
    "Marcelo Cadena has written an imaginary short story about a webaholic named Steve."



Cartoons :


Cartoon: Mobile Phone Addiction
"This cartoon by Andy Davey from The Sun relates to research that shows
that smartphones have turned Britain into a nation of mobile addicts.
Regulator Ofcom found that 60 per cent of teenagers and more than a third of adults
are 'highly addicted' to using their mobile phones." 




Computer Game Addicts cartoon


I think I'm addicted to Scrabble



Computer addiction

Good news



Addictions cartoons



Songs :

  • The Shady Brothers - Addicted to Your Love
    "From their island of Saint-Marteen, these 17 years old write and compose their own songs."

    + LYRICS :
    "It’s quite a funny feeling
    A feeling indescribable, you know, don’t let me go
    It’s creeping up into my veins..."



  • Not an addict by K's Choice (
    "It's over now, I'm cold, alone
    I'm just a person on my own
    Nothing means a thing to me...
    Free me, leave me
    Watch me as I'm going down"

    - the VIDEO

  • Addiction by Kanye West
    "What's your addiction? Is it money? Is it girls? Is it weed?
    I've been afflicted by not one, not two, but all three"
  • Addicted by Kelly Clarkson
    "It's like I can't breathe
    It's like I can't see anything
    Nothing but you
    I'm addicted to you
    It's like I can't think"



Videos :

  • What causes addiction?
    " Easy, right? Drugs cause addiction. But maybe it is not that simple. Kurzgesagt takes a closer look at some of the other factors involved."



  • Cell Phone, BlackBerry And E-Mail Addiction
    Why are cell phones addictive?
    Aren't cell phones essential today?
    What's the biggest danger of cell phone addiction?
    How can I break cell phone addiction?...



Cinema :