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Certaines pages de VOCABULAIRE contiennent des VIDEOS


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Video Clips :

  • 15 Excellent YouTube Channels for Language Teachers and ESL Learners

  • Videos - American English

  • BBC Learning English: Lingohack
    "Lingohack is a weekly series from BBC Learning English that uses short clips from BBC World News reports to help you understand current news headlines and learn key English words and phrases..."

    + COMMENT + Related articles

  • Animated English (For example: At the Doctor's)
    "Animated English is a series of ten animated video lessons for learners of English which I created using GoAnimate for Schools.
    Each lesson features a dialogue based on an everyday situation, a 'listen and repeat' activity, a listening comprehension text, and some
    personal questions. The accompanying PDF files contain transcripts, language notes, worksheets, crosswords and word search puzzles..."


  • The Best Fun Videos For English Language Learners In 2013 — So Far
    "I use short, funny video clips a lot when I’m teaching ELLs, and you can read in detail about how I use them in The Best Popular Movies/TV Shows For ESL/EFL (& How To Use Them)."


  • Here's what's new at EnglishCentral this week:

    Leonardo DiCaprio:
    Your Mind is the Scene of the Crime
    Difficulty: Easy
    Princess Mononoke
    Difficulty: Medium

    Origami Masters
    Difficulty: Medium

    You can pause the video after each line,
    hear the line again,
    hear the line slowed down


  • English Central - Learn English while watching videos! - with a DEMO
    Many categories - REGISTER FOR FREE!
    You can pause the video after each line, hear the line again, hear the line slowed down + QUIZZES + TRANSCRIPTIONS

    Resident Evil 5

  • Learning English with Mister Duncan with VIDEOS - 55 lessons - FREE - More lessons to come.

    Lesson 1-(Introduction)
    Lesson 2-(Hello/Goodbye)
    Lesson 3-(Please & Thank You)
    Lesson 4-(Response to Please/Thank You)
    Lesson 5-(Good/Bad)
    Lesson 6-( Happy / Sad )
    Lesson 7-(Health and Exercise)
    Lesson 8-(Friends)
    Lesson 9-(FAME)
    Lesson 10-(Saying Sorry)
    Lesson 11-(Irony and Coincidence)
    Lesson 12-(All About You)
    Lesson 13-(Grammar)
    Lesson 14-(Body Language)
    Lesson 15-(Slang)
    Lesson 16-(Technology)
    Lesson 17-(Time)
    Lesson 18-(Small Talk)
    Lesson 19-(Rules!!)

    Lesson 20-(More Slang)
    Lesson 21-(Compliments)
    Lesson 22-(The Way You Feel)
    Lesson 23-(Faults/Bad Habits)
    Lesson 24-(Changing English)
    Lesson 25-(Speech Making)
    Lesson 26-(On and Off)
    Lesson 27-(Noun/Verbs)
    Lesson 28-(Intonation)
    Lesson 29-(Jokes andHumour)
    Lesson 30-(Abbreviation)
    Lesson 31-(Lies)
    Lesson 32-(Fear)
    Lesson 33-(Questions and Answers)
    Lesson 34-(Political Correctness)
    Lesson 35-(Making Mistakes)
    Lesson 36-(Phonetics)
    Lesson 37-(Fashion)
    Lesson 38-(News)

    Lesson 39-(Money)
    Lesson 40-(Complaint and Complain)
    Lesson 41-(Influence)
    Lesson 42-(Action!)
    Lesson 43-(Superstition)
    Lesson 44-(Word Association)
    Lesson 45-(Describing Things)
    Lesson 46-(The Human Body)
    Lesson 47-(Punctuation)
    Lesson 48-(Death)
    Lesson 49-(Food)
    Learning English-(Summer Sickness)
    Lesson 50-(Samuel Johnson)
    Lesson 51-(Giving Your Opinion)
    Lesson 52-(British & American English) 
    Lesson 53-(The Office)
    Lesson 54-(Winter Snow)
    Lesson 55-( L O V E )


  • Randall's Video Snapshots
    "The movie clips called Video Snapshots are designed to provide additional learning content related to other listening actvities..."
    Many topics + Questions + Discussion Questions
  • A Listening Companion - with VIDEOS and Exercises
    - Biography : Tell me about yourself / Where do you live?
    - Academic and Professional Background : What is your educational background?
    - Jobs : Talk about your jobs.
    - Interests, Sports and Leisure Activities
    : Tell us about your vacations. What kind of music and films do you like?
    - Favourite Things : What are some of your favourite things?
    Lire la présentation.


  • Top 6 Web Sites to Download Cartoon Videos
    "Looking for classic episodes of Family Guy or the newest episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force?
    These web sites allow fans to watch The Simpsons, Family Guy and more.
    Some sites give you only get a few minutes of video. Other web sites let you watch full episodes.
    Most importantly, all of the web sites here are legal."

    Beginners / Elementary / Higher / Survival English Videos, Quizzes & Listening exercises /
    Grammar Exercises / Vocabulary Activities / Pronunciation Power / Listening Exercises


  • Movie Lines - videos + fill-in the gaps exercises ( :
    Forrest Gump - Bridget Jones' Diary - Shrek - Dead Poets Society - Friends - Desperate Housewives...


    Views and Experiences on Camera & Online
    - with different categories :
    Age / Anger / Animals / Arts / Belief / Birth / Body / Celebrations / Childhood / Community / Countryside / Crime / Death /
    Disability / Excitement / Fears / Food / Gardening / Happiness / Health / Holidays / Home / Humour / Identity / Leisure /
    Media / Memories / Money / Music / Nature / Parenting / Pets / Relationships / Sadness / School / Seasons / Sport /
    Students / Teens / Transport / Values / Work
    - different features :
    Africa / Christmas / Football / Holidays / Jobs and Work / Talking Teenagers / etc...
    - different regions :
    England / Overseas...


  • ELLLO = English Language Listening Lab Online - (
    "Task Town is for students who want to participate with the audio.
    As you listen you need to make choices or interact with the audio. Have Fun!"

  • English Language Listening Lab Online : Easy Listening + transcript + quiz

  • CNN (
  • News stories and lessons - (avec son et parfois videos) - ( :
    Computers in the Classroom
    Free Food for Kids
    Fun Reading Show
    Kids' Cafe
    Money Helps Teachers
    Police Arrest Parents
    School Deal
    School Nurse
    Students and Satellites
    Teen Drinking
    Threatened at School
    avec exercices : vocabulary, select a word, multiple choice, sequencing, etc.
  • COMPUTERS (Laurence Bernard - Ac. Martinique - absolutenglish-972)
    Part 1: work on a video
    Part 2 : online reading and listening activities
  • Pub FedEx (Seul au Monde) (YouTube)
    Catherine Tertre (Ac. Rennes) suggère les activités suivantes :
    - Regarder la video sans le son et imaginer le dialogue
    - Imaginer ce qu'il y a dans le paquet
    - Imaginer ce qu'il aurait pu faire s'il avait su ce que contenait le paquet...


  • English Insight
    "A multimedia program with 12 short video clips from American news broadcasts and filmmaker Michael Moore (4-8 minutes each)"
    - with "comprehension questions, vocabulary, and ideas for projects" (

  • The Beat Bullying advert : VIDEO

  • Store Wars - with activities (absolutenglish-972) :
    ex.1: match characters to their names (hot pot 6)
    ex.2: vocabulary (hot pot 6)
    ex.3: Right/wrong justify .(evaluation à imprimer) (Raw Carrots = worksheet de JP Palasse)
  • American Rhetoric: Movie Speeches - audio and video database of some 80 Hollywood movie speeches (


Activities (Video not provided) :

  • Mr. Bean Video Worksheets ( :
    Mr. Bean's Appointment with the dentist
    Merry Christmas Mr. Bean
    Mr. Bean Makes a Sandwich
    Mr. Bean in Room 426