Being bilingual 'protects brain'
"The findings are based on tests on 104 people
Being fluent in two languages may help to keep the brain sharper for longer, a study suggests."



(Updated on 24/02/2013)



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The teaching of listening comprehension :


Récupération du son :

  • L'entraînement à la compréhension de l'oral et la capture du son
    1- La compréhension de l'oral et le CECRL.
    - Les différents types de textes oraux.
    - Les descripteurs du CECRL (niveaux à atteindre &)

    2 - Les documents sonores et leur utilisation en classe
    - Quels types de document utiliser en classe ?
    - Quels types d activités proposer à nos élèves ?

    3 - La capture du son.
    Diaporama à télécharger
    par José Paradas (Ac. Versailles)


Sites-ressources :


  • Victorians Audio Clips with Teacher's Notes

  • Elementary Podcasts
    "Learn everyday English with over 50 free podcasts about everyday topics.
    There are interactive exercises to help you practise the language you hear."



  • SpellingCity - with lots of resources - worksheets - videos - ...


  • Carnegie Hall: Listening Adventures (
    "Learn about sound, music notation, text, and instruments through engaging Web-based games.
    Each listening adventure provides a visual interpretation of a piece of music using animated images, activities, and stories."

    (Education World)

  • Randall's favorite listening activities on his site
    (Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab)

    1.  A Story to Remember:
    - A story of a man who was approached by an alien creature.
    Or was it?

    2.  Car Repairs:
    - A man has real problems trying to get his car fixed in a small town.

    3.  Budget Hotel Rooms:
    A man encounters a few surprises at his hotel.
    Has something like this happened to you?

    4.  A Great Car Deal:
    - A woman tries to buy a car from an interesting salesman.

    5.  Just a Hair Cut, Please:
    - Disaster strikes a man who gets the hair cut of his life.
    What do you think happens?

    6.  Car Accident:
    - A teenager has a car accident, but who's fault was it?
    Listen and find out.

    7.  First Date:
    - A girl is going out on her first date with a guy name Dirk?
    How do things turn out?

    8.  Grocery Shopping:
    - A woman sends her husband to the store to pick up some things,
    but what does he get instead?

    9.  Street Market:
    - A man tries to bargain with a seller in a street market.
    What problems does he encounter?

    10.  Traffic Ticket:
    - A man is stopped by the police?
    Why and how does the driver talk himself out of his situation?

    "Each of these activities has short statements or questions to which the learner responds.
    These are perfect for beginning or low intermediate students.
    Each activity has pre- and post-listening questions, sample sentences, or comments for discussion."
    Names / Restaurants / Directions Around Town / Movies / Clothing and Fashion / ...

    ex: Shopping Centers : Malls and Department Stores
    (Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab -


  • TPR-exercises by Henny Jellema, made with Hot Potatoes
    Listening / Reading / Writing
    - with pictures
  • Audio and scripts
    "All of the latest downloads on one page: audio, video, scripts and activities"


  • Onestop Phonics
    "The Onestopenglish Phonics series for young learners, by Rachel Finnie,
    will provide teachers with comprehensive support for their phonics teaching, including tips for structuring phonics lessons, as well as teacher's notes, worksheets, audio and flashcards to use in class. ...
    Receive the Onestop Phonics audio as a podcast.

  • English Listening Comprehensions - interactive exercises
    Stories - Customs and Traditions - History and Mysteries - Life in Britain - Fun - Sport

  • @udio Tube (Version BETA)
    "Ce site propose des ressources audio au format mp3 libres de droits pour une utilisation non commerciale.
    Ces documents sonores ont été enregistrés par des anglophones (assistant(e)s, professeurs ...) et remaniés à l'aide du gratuiciel Audacity..."

    Les ressources audio sont classées par niveau du CECR et par thème :
    Introducing / Suggesting / Coffee / Telling a story: an accident...
    + Teacher's Documents

    (Ac. Orléans-Tours)

  • E@R
    E@R portal
    Project presentation
    Worksheets / audio files + scripts

    (Annie Gwynn)

    - 1 reportage audio de 3 minutes
    - Des exercices variés, de nombreux accents
    Reprise des leçons le 24 septembre 2007


  • Listen up - activities to practise listening
    ex : What's the weather like? / Weather maze /
    Face match
    / Identipet...
    (British Council)
  • Listening downloads
    Tobacco, Environmental Protest Groups, The Eden Project, Rainforests Rule!, Aeroplanes and Global Warming...

    "Develop your English listening and reading skills using our MP3 audio files and audio scripts.
    You can listen to the files online, or download them onto your PC and put them on your MP3 player, then see if you've understood by reading the scripts.
    You can also read the stories online as you listen, and then do language activities, or print out the audio scripts
    and read the stories on paper as you listen."

    (British Council)
    Beginners / Elementary / Higher / Survival English Videos, Quizzes & Listening exercises /
    Grammar Exercises / Vocabulary Activities / Pronunciation Power / Listening Exercises
  • OzSpeller is a Free Australian Online Spelling Tutor & Game with powerful features:
    * words are spoken by your computer;
    * large numbers of lists for each grade;
    * scoring & grading system are fun to use;
    * provides hints, definitions & sentences;
    * simple to use at home or at school;
    * sounds can be repeated, words skipped.

  • Un dossier sur la compréhension, en anglais, de l'oral au lycée (qui peut être fort utile en collège)
    Deux langues différentes / Entraînement, vérification / Les savoirs : la grammaire de l'oral /
    Les savoir-faire / Processus mentaux
    POINT DOC : Bibliographie / Sites / Articles complémentaires / Définitions
    EN PRATIQUE : Principes de mise en Suvre / En classe de 1re
    À propos



    Listen to the questions and find the right answer.
    + idem
    + dictation

  • Listening game activities
    "Students must click on the correct picture to advance.
    During the audio, the listener will see a selection of pictures and must choose the correct one."


  • Entraînement à la compréhension orale (Sylvie Marc Sagol)
    1. The Owl and the Pussycat (Number in the correct order)
    2. Have fun /s/ ou /th/ ?
    (a video)
    3. Food
    (What is the pronunciation of the letter "i"?)
    4. My room
    (Où sont passés les déterminants?)
    5. Do you like &?
    (Matching exercise with a song)

  • English Pronunciation/Listening from New Okanagan College ( :
    Movies / Videos / Lessons / Dictations / Minimal Pairs / Tongue Twisters...

  • Randall's Basic Self-Study Guide
    "Are you searching for listening activities based on topic?
    If so, I have organized the listening on my site according to subject and language function.
    This guide and the search engine ... can help you find the specific topics you want to learn."

  • COMPUTERS (Laurence Bernard - Ac. Martinique - absolutenglish-972)
    Part 1: work on a video
    Part 2 : online reading and listening activities
  • Les sujets de l'épreuve orale (Mars 2004)
    concernant le concours de recrutement des Professeurs des Ecoles: 34 sujets audio et leurs fiches
    (Académie de Caen)
  • Youth Radio - Teens talk about ( :
    Arts & Entertainment - Education - Environmental - Health - International
    Jobs & Money - Lifestyle - Poetry - Politics - Reflections on Return - Relationships - Society - Sports

    (with the script)


  • Spelling : interactive exercises - 5 levels - with listening (
  • Task Town is for students who want to participate with the audio. - UPDATED
    As you listen you need to make choices or interact with the audio. Have Fun!
    Around Town / Class Bingo / Superhero Bingo / Breakfast Order / Picture Perfect / Friends and Neighbors /
    Take a message! / What's on TV / Vacation Plans / Movie Time / Favorite Foods /
    Jobs People Do / Animal Bingo / Treasure Island

  • OM AUDIO - inscription gratuite (
    "Now you can listen to American and British English conversations with a variety of accents.
    OM AUDIO presents multimedia units for listening comprehension in three levels of difficulty. "

  • Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
    Une multitude d'enregistrements pour tous niveaux avec :
    "pre-listening exercises, listening exercises and post-listening exercises".

    - "Recent changes to the Website.
    First of all, the biggest change to the site is that some of the audio files for the listening activities are available for download in MP3 format. Read more about this at
    Now, learners have the option to practice their English with no need for an Internet connection, and teachers can use the files in their classroom teaching.
    Otherwise, you can continue to use the site online."

  • Quizzes with Sound (
  • Initial Listening Activities (eslbears.homestead)
    Animal Sounds (Easy) - Animal Sounds (More Challenging) - Names - Numbers - Prices - Dates - Greetings and Introductions - Directions - Opposites - Telling Time - Pronunciation Practice (Minimal Pairs)
  • Soundguide - Test your English Comprehension -
    "Vous aurez l'occasion, quel que soit votre âge ou votre niveau, de tester votre compréhension de mots ou de phrases ainsi que votre aptitude à retranscrire les sons pour pouvoir les écrire."

  • Hot Potatoes Exercises (michel.barbot) :
    - Listening 1 (47 exercises)
    - Listening 2 Movie sounds (48 exercises)

    - Grammar & pronunciation (77 exercises)

  • AGENDAWEB - 5 niveaux :
    "hundreds of free english grammar exercises,english vocabulary exercises and english listening activities online"

  • Audio tests ( :
    1: Introducing oneself
    2: Peter's hobbies
    3: Jobs & ages
    4: Numbers (5 tests)
    5: Find the right words (26 tests)

  • ELLO = English Language Listening Lab Online - (
    "Task Town is for students who want to participate with the audio.
    As you listen you need to make choices or interact with the audio. Have Fun!"

  • English Language Listening Lab Online : Easy Listening + transcript + quiz

  • AUDIO - exercices interactifs (yvanbaptiste)
    Où tombe l'accent de phrase?
    Quelle est la nature du document? Bulletin météo, publicité,... ? QCM
    Qu'exprime le locuteur: colère, ironie, surprise ...? QCM
    Schéma intonatif: affirmation, interrogation, ... ? QCM
  • AUDIO : Activités interactives (Yvan Baptiste)
    - "symboles phonétiques avec des exemples à écouter,
    deux pages exhaustives sur les paires minimales,
    comment épeler au téléphone,
    50 prénoms américains courants épelés à reconnaître, etc."
  • Listening Comprehension - sujets très variés (eslbears.homestead)

  • Listening Quizzes (
    A Job Opportunity - A Customer Request - A Survey - Understanding Numbers - A Trip to London - The Local News - How Much Does It Cost? - What exactly happened? (a robbery) - What was in the handbag? (lost) - Does he like his job? - Joining the Local Library - Making a Dinner Reservation - Interview with a Famous Dancer - Making Plans - Filling in a Form - Do you believe in UFOs? - John sees a UFO!! - Accent Listening Gallery - ABC - John's Holiday - Ordering Food in a Restaurant - Renting a House - Vowel Pronunciation Guide
  • English Listening - enregistrements courts avec "questions, answers and transcript".

  • A very very comprehensive list of links
    to online listening activities provided by the Internet TESL Journal.
  • Another comprehensive list of links to online listening activities provided by the Internet TESL Journal. ESL:
    Quizzes with Sound.


"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand."
~ Chinese Proverb ~