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Spelling words or abbreviations in SONGS


Dictionaries and Servers :

  • Acronym Finder (
    "Look up 104,500+ acronyms-abbreviations & their meanings

  • BABEL: A Glossary of Computer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms


In the Dictionary :


Facts :

  • When to Abbreviate, Etc.
    "When is it appropriate to abbreviate words? The answer to this question, as with many matters in writing, is not a simple one:
    It depends on type of content and the degree of the content’s formality..."

  • Use Truncated Words with Caution
    "When is it acceptable to use abbreviated versions of words? The type of publication and the context of the content determine the suitability of truncated words..."



In Science and Technology :


Currencies :


Health :

  • GP = abbr. general practitioner
    Example : "Obese visit GP more often than smokers, researchers say." (BBC)
    See MORE meanings for abbreviations : GP




  • ICYMI, in Case You Missed It
    "Ten years ago, the initialism ICYMI entered the social media lexicon by way of Twitter. Like BTW, IMO, IIRC, and others, it’s employed as an entrée to a discussion; ICYMI signals to you that the writer is going to provide context by referring to something you may not have read or heard about before..."



The US Government :

Internet :


Latin :


Military Abbreviations :


In Employment Ads :


In Ads for Houses or Apartments for Rent :

Abbreviations for Streets :

Ads for Autos for Sale :


Banking and Business Abbreviations :

  • Banking and Business Abbreviations - (
    "Use the following drop-down list to test your knowledge or access meanings of common banking and business abbreviations."


Chat :


Clipped Words : AD / PHONE / VET / ...

  • Clipped Words = words shortened by common use (


Emails :



Esemese :

    Acronym, Emoticon Dictionary, Lingo Dictionary, Texting Thesaurus, SMS Message Translator and Spellchecker.
    Funny SMS message collection, colorful phrases. Popular Smiley, Chat words and SMS message lists
    "Lingo2word is devoted to demistifying any shorthand language
    such as SMS messages ,Chat rooms, Legalese ,Computer Jargon and Emails."

  • Do you speak Esemese? (Ac. Montpellier)
    "Toutes ces abréviations qu'utilisent les anglophones quand ils communiquent par SMS (Short Message Service)"
    - avec
    des exercices


Mail :


Country Codes and Internet Domains :


Television :


Movie Ratings :


Names / Informal names : ANDY / KEN / BOB / ...

  • Abbreviation with Names and of Titles
    "This post outlines major conventions regarding the use of initials and abbreviations in association with people’s names."



Anomalies :

  • Anomalies - Glossary :
    "Most of these definitions are from the Webster's Third New International Dictionary (1981)"



War :

  • Afghanistan war logs: the glossary
    "What do all those military initials mean? This is our guide."

    "TIC, RPG: glossary of military terms for incidents like this, where an Afghan Army soldier fires a rocket propelled grenade at suspected Taliban at combat outpost Nolen, north of Kandahar."

  • IED = Improvised explosive device
  • TIC = Troops in contact
  • RPG = Rocket propelled grenade



  • Word Clipping
    "Shortened forms of words like rhinoceros (rhino), synchronization (sync), and limousine (limo), common in conversation and informal writing,
    are usually used in their entirety in formal contexts.
    These shortened words are called clippings. Sometimes a clipping drives out its longer original and becomes a standard word in its own right..."


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  • Banking and Business Abbreviations - (
    "Use the following drop-down list to test your knowledge or access meanings of common banking and business abbreviations."


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  • Famous acronyms
    "Voici le diaporama sur les acronymes célèbres sous forme de quiz que j'ai créé pour réviser l'alphabet avec un peu de culture.
    Les élèves doivent prononcer puis trouver à quoi le sigle correspond. Possibilité d'en rajouter plein d'autres: LOL, AM & PM etc."
    Créé par Isabelle Meynot (Ac. Versailles)
  • OMG, LOL, FYI Now in Oxford English Dictionary (26th March, 2011) - a lesson plan
    See Videos


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