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  • Railroad Parts: History for Kids
    "From America to Europe trains history and technology has advanced over several hundred years.
    One of the oldest forms of transportation, but yet to kids a new fast and rare mode of transportation.
    Kids can fill their yearning of knowledge for these powerful machines while building their imagination through the following history and facts..."


  • America on the Move - (
    "Transportation transformed America. Choose from these three interconnected routes to explore how transportation shaped our lives, landscapes, culture, and communities. :
    - Travel across America to visit communities changed by transportation
    - Investigate artifacts and images in the Smithsonian and other collections
    - Explore transportation in American history with historians and curators."

  • The story of George Stephenson - a railway engineer (BBC) - animated with sound

  • Timeline - Important milestones in English and American railway development (
  • Union Pacific Railroad History : Union Pacific Overview and Chronologies / Historical Equipment / Historical Locations / Photos / Museums (
  • The 1891 Grain Dealers and Shippers Gazetteer (

  • This Is America, Charlie Brown - The Building of the Transcontinental Railroad -
    "a historical overview of the development of the transcontinental railway and its importance to the growth of America." (

  • Railroad Train Robbers (


  • CyberTran is a new concept in Mass Transit and High Speed Rail (


  • WANDERLUST - interactive
    "GOOD maps out history's greatest journeys, from Magellan to Kerouac."
    - with illustrations and explanations


  • Railroad Maps - in the United States (1828 - 1900)



  • Railroad Map - teenagers riding the rails during the Great Depression (PBS)
  • Railroad maps (
  • The Train Brain - java simulations (exemple : National Amtrak System with "21 different routes running 48 scheduled trains") - (
  • Maps of Amtrak Routes & Other Rail Routes (


  • Historic Rail Photos : Famous Railroad Scenes, Historic Passenger Trains, Streetcars, Trolleys, and Interurbans, Historic Passenger Stations, Union Pacific Steam Program, Southeastern US, Vintage Diesels, etc. (


  • Railroad Slogans (
    ex : Baltimore and Ohio : "See. Hear. Feel."


  • Folktales ( :
    • Casey Jones "Death of a dare devil railman. (Tennessee)" ("The Ballad of Casey Jones is still sung today.")
    • Kate Shelley saves the Train "A brave girl rescues a train when the bridge washes out. (Iowa)"



  • Railroad movies (





  • Over 45 railroad lettering, railroad romans, alphabets, silhouettes and more font sets. (



  • Railroad Jokes (
    ex : "What is the difference between a school teacher and a steam locomotive?
    The school teacher tells you to spit out your gum, while the locomotive says "Choo Choo Choo!"

GAMES to print



Railroad first American steam locomotives