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(Updated on 30/11/2015)


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Vocabulary :

  • HIV and AIDS
    "HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus.
    AIDS stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.
    HIV is actually the virus that causes the disease AIDS."


Facts :

  • £8bn shortfall in tackling Aids threatens 'millions of lives', report says - 1 December 2015
    "In a report to mark World Aids Day, the One group warns that lack of funds jeopardises global efforts to bring the HIV and Aids epidemic under control."


  • AIDS Conference ends with warning
    "An international Aids conference has ended with a warning that commitments made by wealthy countries to fund access to HIV treatment may not be met.
    The Mexico City conference was the 17th of its kind since acquired immune deficiency syndrome (Aids) emerged in 1981.
    The next conference will be held in Vienna in 2010. "

    Three priorities :
    - Defeating the discrimination against those with Aids virus flourished
    - Focussing research on more coordinated research
    - Strengthening health systems in developing nations

  • What is AIDS ? - A guide
    - What is Aids?
    - What is HIV?
    - How do you get it?
    - How do you know if you've got it?
    - Aids myths
    - How common is it?
    - Can it be cured?

    (CBBC News)


  • AIDS
    1 Infection by HIV 2 Diagnosis 3 Symptoms and complications 4 Transmission and prevention 5 Treatment
    6 Epidemiology 7 Economic impact 8 Stigma 9 Origin of HIV 10 Alternative hypotheses 11 HIV and AIDS misconceptions
    12 Notes and references 13 External links


  • HIV and AIDS
    - HIV Hurts the Immune System
    - How Many People Have HIV and AIDS?
    - How Is HIV Spread?
    - What Are the Symptoms of HIV and AIDS?
    - How Are HIV and AIDS Diagnosed?
    - How Are HIV and AIDS Treated?
    - Can HIV and AIDS Be Prevented?
    - Living With HIV and AIDS
    - Hope for an HIV-Free Future



Pictures :

  • U2 front man Bono in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at an event yesterday to launch World Aids Day.


  • AIDS - Pictures
    (Philippe Hattais -

World AIDS Day, December 1st :


  • World AIDS Day
    "The 2007 theme, leadership , highlights the need for innovation, vision and perseverance in the face of the AIDS challenge. The campaign calls on all sectors of society such as families, communities and civil society organisations - rather than just governments
    - to take the initiative and provide leadership on AIDS..."


  • UNAIDS - Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
    + The 2007 AIDS epidemic update "reports on the latest developments in the global AIDS epidemic. The 2007 edition provides the most recent estimates of the AIDS epidemic and explores new findings and trends in the epidemic s evolution."
    + International consultation on AIDS estimates: Recommendations




Listening :

  • Can We Reduce HIV Infections to Zero? - Text + Audio - 30 November 2015
    "World AIDS Day has been held on December 1 each year since 1988. The theme of this year's events is "Getting To Zero."
    With reduced HIV/AIDS infections and death, an AIDS-free world might be in sight. Experts tell how we can get there."

  • Most African Children with AIDS Have No Access to Medical Care - Text + Audio - 9 June 2015
    "A UN official said that more than 90 percent of the 3 million children infected with AIDS live in sub-Saharan.
    Patients living with AIDS in sub-Sarahan Africa often do not have access to medical treatment.
    Twenty-five million people with AIDS live in sub-Saharan Africa."

  • World AIDS Day
    "The United Nations AIDS Programme is calling for renewed commitment, worldwide, to prevent infection, invest in treatment and find a vaccine."

    - with the script and interactive exercises
  • Learning English - Words in the News : AIDS conference
    - with the text


INTERACTIVE activities :


  • People World Wide: HIV/AIDS
    "How does AIDS affect people all over the world? What kind of personal or family or world problems could AIDS cause?
    Read each sentence and choose an answer... The information on this quiz comes from UNAIDS."



Activities TO PRINT :


Lesson plans :

  • Sydney Turns Red for World AIDS Day (1st December, 2010) - a lesson plan

    "RED ALERT: U2 front man Bono in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at an event yesterday to launch World Aids Day."



Webquests :

  • "It won't happen to me !" - a webquest
    "The final task will be double:
    1) To create a virtual AIDS magazine with interviews and articles that will include all the info everybody should know about AIDS.
    2) To organise an AIDS school campaign.
    To create this magazine you will collaborate in a 4 reporters group. Each one of you will choose a role and will research about an aspect of the disease and its social discrimination."

    Designed by Mercedes de la Casa and Isabel Pérez


Cartoons :

I've got AIDS

Aid. Yes! AIDS. No!



To promote
AIDS awareness





Songs :

  • The Aids Stigma song (YouTube)
    "There are viruses, illnesses, cancers, disease
    That can wrestle the strongest of men to his knees
    But of all the diseases that cut short one s life
    Only AIDS has a stigma that cuts like a knife..."


Videos :

  • Alicia Keys' Last Tweet and Testament
    "Alicia sacrificed her digital life to help Keep a Child Alive save millions of real lives affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India.
    This is her Last Tweet and Testament, the last message she will send out until $1,000,000 is raised to buy her digital life back." 



  • Bono Gathers Celebs for AIDS Campaign
    "Bono's Product Red campaign created this public service announcement to spread the word about how easy it is to save the lives of people with HIV. (May 3, 2010)



  • AIDS - Gaspard Noé
    "Part of the film "8", Gaspard Noé delivers a film on AIDS. " 

    - en français


  • AIDS - Explanation + History



Cinema :

  • Philadelphia (1993) - Movie Trailer
    "Tom Hanks excelled even himself with his performance as an AIDS striken homosexual who is fired from his job simply because of his condition." 



Posters :


  • AIDS Posters from around the world