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"8" (film)
"is a 2008 series of eight short films centered around eight themes of social importance, directed by eight film directors
(Abderrahmane SissakoGael Garcia BernalMira NairGus Van SantJan KounenGaspar Noé, Jane Campion, and Wim Wenders)."


No Time Left - Videos




Tiya's dream - Abderrahmane Sissako
(shot in Ethiopia)
- with subtitles
"Part of the film "8", Abderrahmane Sissako delivers
a film on poverty and hunger." 





The story of Panshin Beka - Jan Kounen
(shot in Peruvian Amazonia)
- with subtitles
"Part of the film "8", Jan Kounen delivers a film
on maternal health."



The letter - Gael García Bernal
(shot in Iceland)
- with subtitles

"Part of the film "8", Gael García Bernal delivers a film
on universal education."




AIDS - Gaspard Noé
(shot in Burkina Faso)
"Part of the film "8", Gaspard Noé delivers
a film on AIDS. " 

- en français



How can it be - Mira Nair
(shot in the USA)
- with subtitles

"Part of the film "8", Mira Neir delivers a film
on gender equality."




The Water diary - Jane Campion
(shot in Australia)
- with subtitles
"Part of the film "8", Jane Campion delivers
a strong film on water droughts." 




Mansion on the hill - Gus Van Sant
(shot in the USA)
- with subtitles
"Part of the film "8", Gus Van Sant delivers a film
on child health." 




Person to Person - Wim Wenders
(shot in Germany)
- with subtitles
"Part of the film "8", Wim Wenders delivers a positive film
on micro-financing, with Muhammad Yunus and Bono."